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As we enter the Fall season, pretty sure there's no better day than National Good Neighbor Day. Columbus Day, sure. Halloween, fine. But as we enter the final weekend of September, National Good Neighbor DayÂ ï»żis unique in that it honors the acquaintances in our lives that live nearby, up and around the corner. It unites our fellow neighbors, without the folklore (not that Columbus didn't discover the Americas).

Think about the people who we casually see throughout the week -- taking out the trash, mowing the lawn, going to the gym, washing the car.... the people who we know on a basic level. These are the people who will rescue you during the Apocalypse, or some such major catastrophe, no different than the amazing response we've seen during this year's horrific hurricane season.

To the point: we've decided to highlight this seemingly random holiday, "National Good Neighbor Day" as a day to make the switch from tobacco to vaping more accessible for those looking to quit tobacco.

If you'd be willing to help save your neighbor (or friend) from anything at all, make it quitting tobacco, because all lives matter, including your neighbor's.

In the spirit of National Good Neighbor Day 2017, we've discounted one of our best-selling electronic cigarette starter kits for you or your friends who've been considering ditching smoking.

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If you or someone you know who's been considering making the switch from smoking tobacco to vaping, make today the day.



**National Good Neighbor Day technically at the end of today, but we're extending this offer through this weekend ending 9/30/2017 at 11:59am sharp**