Dear Loyal Customers,

After 5 years of serving the vaping community, we are sad to inform you that we are closing shop. The definitive reason being... the FDA.

As of September 9th, 2020, the FDA requires companies who manufacture vaping products to submit Pre-Market Tobacco Applications (PMTAs) for every product that they manufacture. The PMTA process evaluates whether or not vaping products are "safe" enough for public sale. If the FDA determines that a product submitted is not within FDA "compliance" under PMTA regulations, the vendor will no longer be able to offer its product(s) for legal public sale in the US. However vendor's who's applications are approved by the FDA will continue offering their products for public sale.

All emotions aside, the reality is that many vape manufactures both big and small will be shutting doors because submitting Pre-Market Tobacco Applications is extremely time-consuming, complex, and expensive.

With that said, we believe and hope that vaping is here to stay. Manufactures fortunate enough to have enough financial resources to submit PMTA applications will weather the storm, and achieve FDA approval. This anyway is our hope, as this community and industry to us near and dear.

Because many of our suppliers have paused production, we don't have enough inventory to continue operations.

The silver lining: many manufacturers have lawyered up, allocating significant amounts of money, and have chosen to submit applications for one, or in some cases all of their products to continue offering their products for legal public sale.

The result is we have chosen to partner with We have taken on the task of curating the status of vendor's applications which you can find at, and also learn more about the FDA's Pre-Market Tobacco Application regulations.

We will be keeping you posted on everything PMTA-related over the next 12 months, which is the window of time the FDA has to approve, or reject manufacturers who have submitted their applications.

Loyal Customers, we thank you again for your business over the years, and in the meantime, we are confident this incredibly supportive community will prevail.

- Vape Falcon Team