Brillipower X4 LCD Charger (4 Bay)

Brillipower X4 LCD Charger (4 Bay)

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Brillipower X4 LCD Display Charger (4 Bay)


  • Microcomputer control technology, intelligent implementation two separate groove, support mixed charging mode
  • Instant visual display LCD charging, the types of batteries, battery voltage current progress and the current filling the capacity
  • Can be of any capacity of ni-mh/ni-cd/lithium iron phosphate lithium battery / 3.8 V / 3.7 V lithium battery any combination
  • Can fit into a below 26 mm diameter, height 34-72 - mm rechargeable batteries
  • Compatible with 3.7 V lithium ion batteries (3.6 V) and 1.2 V ni-mh/ni-cd battery
  • Using constant current, constant voltage charging mode
  • Use - DV control technology, the charging efficiency is higher
  • 100-240 - v wide voltage input
  • With the battery reverse connect protection, short circuit protection (charger for battery is not charging, LCD display "null")
  • The overcharge protection
  • Automatic activation function:
  • A. automatically activated zero voltage lithium battery (with instantaneous short circuit protection board of good battery)
  • B. more than 0.5 V battery automatically activated. Unable to activate bad will refuse to charge batteries, LCD display "null"



AC 100-240V 50/60 Hz or DC 5V 1A


DC 4.35 V±0.02 V, 500 mA ± 30 mA*4 or 1000mA± 50mA*2

DC 4.2 V±0.02 V, 500 mA ±30 mA*4or 1000mA± 50mA*2

DC 3.6 V± 0.02 V, 500 mA ±30 mA*4or 1000mA± 50mA*2

DC 1.43 V±0.02 V, 500 mA ±30 mA*4or 1000mA± 50mA*2

The first groove and the fourth slot charging current, there are two options of 1000 ma/500 mA, the charger into the battery (include two) under two 1000 ma recharged, otherwise charge 500mA.

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