Junky's Stash E-Liquid ICE Collection (100ML)


Junky's Stash E-Liquid ICE Collection (100ML)

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Junky's Stash E-Liquid ICE Collection (100ML)

Enjoy Junky's Stash NEW ICE collection in three delicious flavors, now available at Vape Falcon! Fresh Blueberry Muffin (Buried Yesterday), Southern Peach Tea (A Chill Day), or Banana Nut Pistachio (The Old Stuff).

Buried Yesterday is a delicious mix of quality, fresh blueberries straight from the field, infused with fluffy cake flavor and crafted to taste like a bakery-fresh blueberry muffin. Warm and light, with a delectable taste of high-quality blueberry fruit and sweet muffin flavor, this blend is intensely delicious and unbelievably satisfying. Tart and sweet, with a soothing finish of a warm blueberry muffin.

A Chill Day imitates the flavor profile of Southern Peach Tea: the traditional and classic iced beverage treat. With delicious, sun-ripened peach flavor imbued with a kick of Southern-style vintage tea to create a full-bodied taste of elegance and high-class luxury, this relaxing and smooth, intensely juice  delivers an experience unparalleled by any other E-Liquid tea flavors. A refreshing mouthfeel with a thick, satisfying throat hit.

The Old Stuff is our own original take on popular Banana Nut E-Liquid flavors. We’ve infused fresh, ripe bananas with the quality flavor of imported Syrian Pistachios to create a taste profile that’s intensely rich, fruit-flavored, and satisfying. Boasting a nutty aftertaste made to compliment the sweet banana flavor and deliver a vaping experience that’s astoundingly tasty, The Old Stuff is one of our favorite E-Liquids ever. We’re confident that we’ve perfected the balance between fresh banana fruit flavor and rich, full-bodied nuttiness to create an E-Liquid that can pass the test of time as one of most elegant and noteworthy flavors available anywhere.

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