Thermal by Space Jam E-liquids (30ml)


Thermal by Space Jam E-liquids (30ml)

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Space Jam Premium High VG E-Liquid (30mL)

Space Jam Premium E Liquid was originally beamed down to earth during the great Centaurus alien invasion of 2012.  You probably haven’t heard of it. There was a massive government cover-up, but we digress.  

At the time, Earthling-crafted e-liquids were mediocre at best, as the industry was in its early stages, and the methods for crafting superior, premium e-liquids had not yet been discovered. Thanks to some interstellar intercession, Space Jam Juice exploded onto the vaping scene, with E-liquids crafted using quality and manufacturing standards never before seen on Earth. Thus, the e-juice market was forever changed.


Apple Kiwi Orange Smoothie Flavor.